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  1. Upon arrival at Quiz-O-Rama, each quizzer receives a scorecard, 10 bonus slips, and a nametag. (After quizzing 3 times, a quiz bib or banner will be lettered to wear.)

  2. Four written questions are at the beginning of each QOR and six more at the end. (20 points for each right answer and 0 for wrong ones).

  3. Team captains are chosen from the top quizzers at the previous QOR.

  4. Quizzers draw numbers before each quiz to form teams.

  5. Two teams compete at each score table. In the event that one team has one less quizzer, that team starts with 20 points. At the end of each quiz, members of the winning team receive 20 additional points.

  6. Quiz pads should be about 2 inches from the front of the chairs, and quizzers' hands and feet must not touch their chairs.

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  8. No talking is permitted from the time the quizmaster calls "Question" until points are awarded.

  9. Quizzers will jump toward full stature, and with discernment, when responding to any part of or the whole question.

  10. No question or part thereof will be repeated to the quizzer on arriving at the score table.

  11. A quizzer has 5 seconds to start answering and 30 seconds to finish.

  12. Only the first answer will be accepted. The decision whether an answer is right or wrong will be made by the scorekeeper and/or the quizmaster, if his help is needed.

  13. When only part of a question has been given before a quizzer leaves his chair, a question must be formed to the satisfaction of the scorekeeper when answering.

  14. Each right answer receives 20 points (or 30 for a new question) and each wrong one -10. (After a wrong answer, that quizzer may not jump on the next question, unless it is the last one of that quiz.)

  15. When an answer is wrong, the same question in full is given to the other quizzers at that score table for an optional written bonus of 10 points. No deduction for wrong bonus answers. (Lengthy answers may be quoted to a scorekeeper or to the quizmaster.)

  16. The first quizzer to answer 10 bonus questions correctly receives an additional 10 points.

  17. A quizzer with 3 right answers, 3 wrong answers, or 4 tries during a quiz may no longer answer jump questions, but may continue answering bonus questions.

  18. Jumping before the question has begun constitutes a foul, and results in a bonus question for the other quizzers. Two fouls by an individual during one quiz cause a personal loss of 10 points. (This is not deducted from the team score.) A team foul on the last question reduces the team score by 10 points.



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