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Set Up Procedure

Chairs - Place appropriate number of chairs in a row with enough space between them to permit the seat pads to center themselves naturally on each chair. Folding chairs are normally placed about two inches apart to accomplish this.

Seat Switches - String out the seat pads across the chairs so that the plugs from team one and team two meet between chairs five and six (all models). On the Model AJ 350 the plug for the third team should be located between seats ten and eleven. On the Model AJ 450, the plugs for teams three and four run together between chairs fifteen and sixteen.

Model 250 Set-Up

Model AJ 350 Set-Up

Model AJ 450 Set-Up

The seat switch strings are all interchangeable and can be used for any team at any location on the chairs. Place each pad about two inches from the front of the chair. It is not necessary to tape the pads to the chairs, since they are designed to "cling" to the chair when the quizzer jumps. (USE CARE WHEN ALIGNING AND JOINING PLUGS!)

Remote Cords - With the chairs and seat pads in place, run the remote cord from the plug ends between chairs out to the control panel location. The ends of the remote cords are color-coded to enable you to make the appropriate connection between the seats and the control panel. The colored plugs are all interchangeable, meaning that any team may use any set of plugs provided the same color is used on both ends. Under some circumstances, you may wish to plug the seat pads directly into the control panel, bypassing the remote cord. This is sometimes useful in an informal practice session.

Checking the System - At the beginning of each quiz session, check the lights as follows:

  1. Turn the master switch on and turn off all others.

  2. With the seat cords plugged in and the quizzers not seated, turn on each light individually to see if it lights up. If the quizzers are already seated, have each one jump up individually to determine that the lights are functioning.

NOTE: On Handheld Switches, press and hold the red button to activate each light.

Service - This unit is carefully designed for many years of troublefree service. It is durable and completely safe. The powerpack should last three or more years under normal usage. One indication that the battery needs replacing is when a lamp fails to light. When this occurs, check the battery first. The working voltage should be between 75 to 90 volts. Batteries are getting expensive so be sure to advise your quiz leaders to conserve power by turning off the master switch during time-outs, between quizzes, etc. Always pull the plugs before storing the unit as a precaution against power drain. With the plugs pulled, the switches on the unit become inoperative...therefore they need not be put in the off position for storage.

Powerpack - This unit is supplied with a REPLENISHABLE QUIZ-TIME POWERPACK. This pack has been developed as an alternative to the #479 Eveready battery which has been used in all Quiz-Time equipment in the past years. Due to changing market conditions, the #497 Eveready is not readily available in electronic stores across the country...hence the Powerpack. This pack is made up of ten 9-volt Heavy Duty battery cells. Single cells can be removed or added, as needed, without having to purchase a complete 90-volt battery each time...and thus be dependent upon its availability in the future. Click here for further details on replenishing the POWERPACK.

How to use the Quiz-Time Inter-Connect Cord...Simply insert the ends of this cord into the appropriate receptacles marked "Inter-connect" on the two Quiz-Time units. The unit which receives the red plug will now provide the control power for both units...therefore its master switch must be on for quizzing. The black plug, you will note, does not have a limiting sleeve on it and will thus go into the panel one additional notch, canceling out the power source of that unit. This means you can disregard the use of the master switch on this unit with the black plug...it can be either on or off...it doesn't matter. The individual lamp switches on both units are operative...you can select whichever lamps are needed at any time.

Extended Life System...Start with ten new 9-volt Heavy Duty cells. (90 volts) Then, add two more cells at about the fifth year...or, you can wait until a lamp fails to light up before adding the cells. When the lamps fail the second time...after several more years...put in ten fresh cells and start the cycle over again. The optimum voltage range of this Powerpack is 75 to 90+ volts.

IN ORDER TO REPLENISH THE PACK, please do the following:

  1. Open the right end by slitting the tape which holds the flaps closed.

  2. Grasp the wire that extends from the pack and pull the battery assembly out of the container.

  3. If you are adding cells, remove the right hand snap and insert cells. (Actually you can add cells to either end...but it is simpler on the right hand end.) You may wish to unsnap all the cells from each other and check their voltages individually. If you find several cells are down substantially, replace the bad cells. If all cells are down, replace everything. Remember that any combination of cells, new or used, that will keep this Powerpack at or around 90 volts is acceptable.

  4. Re-insert cell assembly into carton and retape flaps. THIS CONTAINER MUST BE USED...it holds the batteries in their proper connections and serves as a moisture barrier.

A Word about replacing lamps...

The lamps mounted in the control panel have been carefully selected and "balanced" to work in unison...and they should last for the life of the unit. Therefore, it is not advisable to change a lamp at the first sign of trouble without making several other checks FIRST. If a lamp fails to light (with everything plugged in and switches on)...

  1. Check the battery power FIRST. It should read 90 volts.

  2. Rapidly actuate the slide switch that affects the lamp. This will polish the contacts.

  3. Change the seat pad string to see if another one will turn the light on.

  4. Bypass the long remote cord and plug the seat pads directly into the panel.

If none of these suggestions work...consider changing the old lamp. (A spare lamp and switch are in the packet under the light panel) Also you can try reversing the polarity of the old lamp by reversing the solder connections. It might work. Note that on the spare lamp, one of the leads is sharply bent over. When installing, THREAD THIS BENT LEAD THROUGH THE SMALL HOLE in the amber shell and connect it to the yellow wire. The straight lead receives the black sleeve and is attached to the slide switch. This arrangement gives the lamp the preferred polarity. Incidentally, the amber shell should not be removed...just pull the lamp out by the wire leads. THE ONLY OTHER REASON for changing a lamp is when the old one becomes unstable, that is, when it loses power to another during a quiz. This is very rare because of our careful selection of lamps during construction.



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